Growth Track

Growth Track at Christ Chapel is designed first and foremost to help you become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Through these classes, you will learn the vision of Christ Chapel and discover the tools to become a messenger of God’s good news.

Growth Track

at 10AM

Growth Track

at 10AM

Growth Track

at 10AM

Growth Track

at 10AM


Growth Track comprises four specifically designed classes, each step moving you closer to God’s plan of fulfillment for your life.

Discovering Hope 101

In this class you will learn the history, values and vision of Christ Chapel and have an opportunity to become a member of the church.

Living Hope 201

In 201, you will learn what it means to be more like Jesus, learn how to spend time with God through prayer and Bible study, discover the importance of tithing, and understand the value of relationships through Life Groups.

Declaring Hope 301

We believe God created every person with a specific plan for their life. In this class you will learn how God can use your spiritual gifts to and serve others.

Sharing Hope 401

Here you will begin to discover your mission in the world. Learn how to share your story and see how to impact the world around you.

What to Expect

Weekly Routine

Interns will be immersed in the culture of Transformation Church. Our internship operates five days a week Sunday-Thursday.  Interns will participate in weekly classes, staff meetings, workouts, conferences, events and so much more throughout the internship. Interns will have most Fridays and Saturdays off.


Most frequent questions and answers

(include but are not limited to the following)

Submit a signed internship application and consent to a background check.

Fully willing to support the vision and values of Transformation Church.

Interview with church staff.

Agree to the intern honor code.

We encourage anyone from ages 18-28 to apply. 

Your internship responsibilities may require transportation. While it is not a requirement to have a vehicle, it is required to have reliable transportation and a valid driver’s license.

No, not at this time.

No. Interns are not employees or independent contractors. No wages, insurance, or other compensatory benefits will be provided. As an intern you will gain firsthand experience in a career field you’re passionate about, and after successfully completing your internship you may apply for any open position or ask your supervisor to write you a letter of recommendation.

We understand some interns will need to secure outside employment, however, it is the expectation of the internship that you are able to meet all of the ministry expectations and time requirements. Therefore these commitments must take precedence over outside work schedules from Sunday-Thursday. 

No, there is no intern housing. It is up to each individual to secure their housing prior to arrival at the internship. 

No, but come with a willingness to learn.

At this time we do not offer school credit but we are happy to work with your school to provide them with any information needed showing coursework completed during this internship.

Tuition will assist in covering class materials, books, conference fees etc. Tuition does not cover room and board.

Tuition will assist in covering class materials, books, conference fees etc. Tuition does not cover room and board.

All church wide events are mandatory. This includes before, during, and after an event.

Interns will follow TC Staff time off.   If an intern needs to take time off, he/she will need to request time off in advance for approval as outlined in the Formation Handbook along with specific blackout dates.

Yes! No matter what your fitness level, we know that physical health is vital to total wellness and a major component in the ability to do ministry efficiently and effectively. Interns will be expected to maintain a fitness routine based on their level and also participate in fun group fitness challenges!

Interns will work approximately 30-38 hours each week with the exception of big events or special projects such as but not limited to: Easter, Flood Sunday, Fun Month,, Conferences, etc.

No. The goal of this internship is to develop the call God has put on your heart to pursue church ministry. Our goal is to help deploy you towards the path God may be leading you. At the completion of your internship, you are welcomed to discuss possible open positions with your supervisor.

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