Youth Ministry

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Our next generation of leaders should walk in our footsteps, not in our shadow.

Tan Seow

You Belong Here

meet, connect, grow

We have a vision for our youth to be the light in the world. We have a heart to follow Christ’s example by being a beacon of hope to everyone we meet. We have a passion to lead teens to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and help them develop their faith to be witnesses within their own culture.

Teaching Series

A 6 week study

A trail-breaker is someone who goes ahead, who makes a new way, and who invites others to follow along behind them. In so many ways, that’s exactly what Jesus did for us. He broke a new trail just by existing, but he did so much more than that too. In this 6-week Easter series, we’ll read the stories of Jesus breaking new trails as we discover that Jesus never gives up on us, understands our pain, shows us, love, is alive, can be trusted, and gives us a mission.