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In Person Groups



Aprendido a Ser Un Discípulo

Únase a nosotros mientras estudiamos para convertirnos en verdaderos discípulos de Cristo y seguir su palabra en nuestra vida diaria.

Cross Walk: God Frees and Redeems

This group is for mature adults who are embracing a season of depth in their faith and relationship with others. A thriving community to connect and grow with.

This group meets in person on Sundays  

Defenders 3:15

In this study, we will examine what Scripture truly says about the nature of evil and why God allows it. Along the way, we will discover the contrasting abundance of God’s grace, the overwhelming joy of heaven, and the extraordinary destiny of believers.

This group meets Sundays at 10 am

Growing the Disciple Heart

Growing in Christ is a journey—a lifelong journey—but what does that look like? Growing the Disciple Heart follows an intentional plan for discipleship to ensure progress on the pathway to becoming more like Christ. 

This group meets Sundays at 10 am


We will explore the obstacles, habits, sins, and common mistakes that hold us back from having the blessed marriage and home that God designed.​

New Beginnings

In 4 weeks, you’ll find out more about Jesus through Bible readings from the book of Mark and have many of your questions answered.

This group meets in person on Sundays  in the cafe

Victory Fellowship

The book of Proverbs presents a rich trove of instructions for life. This course aims at discussing the major topics addressed in this book and showing how we can apply its practical knowledge and sound principles effectively.

This group meets in person on Sundays  

Walk through the Bible

Join us on a journey as we Walk Through the Bible together. Enjoy this interactive study of the Books of the Law: Genesis through Deuteronomy. Jump in at any time. It’s never too late to start the journey.​

This group meets in person on Sundays  


Adult Bible Study

An introduction to sharing our hope. This group study is intended to provide participants a general understanding of Jesus’ call for His disciples to be His witnesses, in other words, to do evangelism.

Wednesdays at 7 pm

Creative Expressions

Sharing the love of Christ through Hand crafted cards made from the heart

Wednesdays at 7 pm

The Believer's Authority

The next lesson series, The Believer’s Authority will focus on:

  • Understanding Jesus’ Authority and how it is manifested in us. 
  • Why intimacy with God is crucial for the believer to walk in the authority God has ordained.
  • How to walk in the power of the Holy Spirt that He established for us.

Wednesdays at 7 pm